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28212 - Laboratory Animal Technician III (Small Animal)

Location: Silver Spring, MD 20910
Department: WRAIR
Division: SoBran BioScience
Job Status: Full-Time

Job Description

OVERVIEW: Responsibilities of this position are that of a Laboratory Animal Technician III, (Small Animal) for the WRAIR/NMRC, Animal Care Project. These responsibilities include all activities required for the proper care and maintenance of on-site animals.

All employees are expected to perform their duties as assigned, arrive to work at 7 am and depart at 3:30 pm (M-F). You will be required to work on the weekends as scheduled. The weekend hours are from 7 am to 12 pm. This position is designated as essential. In addition, you will be expected to work extra hours during emergency situations or if any unexpected situation arise until work is completed. You will serve as the subject matter expert in your assigned areas. Laboratory Technician III (Small) is expected to create and assist in developing plans to enhance the learning abilities and performance of the staff working on this contract, and to be forward thinking subject expert. The Laboratory Technician III (Small Animal) must possess strong verbal communication and teaching skills. The Laboratory Technician III (Small Animal) will assist the Program Management in the efficient allocation of the budget, write and maintain reports and develop and maintain an effective relationship with the Government staff.

Primary duties include:
  • In the performance of their daily duties, the Small Animal Technician III shall possess advanced technical knowledge of daily clinical rounds, routine and advanced veterinary treatments as prescribed by the veterinarian, health exam of sick animals, assistance with technical functions required by research protocols, maintenance of animal medical records, small animal enrichment, sentinel health monitoring programs, aseptic technique, sample collection, capture/restraint, dosing, etc.
  •  Knowledge of small animal bio-methodology to include breeding, common diseases, anatomy, anesthesia, safe handling and restraint techniques, proper use of PPE, euthanasia, and injection techniques as well as a working knowledge of veterinary treatment administration, surgery/aseptic technique and anesthesia techniques.
  • Technician shall perform or assist in providing technical functions required by research protocols, perform animal husbandry - which can include feed, watering, and cleaning cages as required
  •  Provide environmental enrichment and/or behavioral assessments and maintains animal health records
  •  Communicates with veterinary support staff, facility veterinarian(s), investigators and other staff members regarding the health of animals and experimental manipulations as needed
  • The Laboratory Animal Technician III (Small Animal) shall have knowledge of animal behavior and practical experience working with animals to habituate them to new procedures, equipment, and environments through training and positive reinforcement
  •  Provide relevant task-specific technical, husbandry and administrative training to WRAIR/NMRC animal users
  • Utilizing didactic and hands-on technical training methods, provide initial and refresher training to maintain and enhance employee skills and capabilities related to laboratory animal techniques
  •  Actively interact with customers as required to solve customer requests, inquiries, and complaints and to provide technical assistance
  • Works with contract training staff to formulate teaching outline and determine instructional methods such as individual training, group instruction, or demonstrations to attain task proficiency
  • Understand and follow all SOPs and quality assurance standards
  •  Participate in weekly technical or SOP training.
  •  Safely and correctly handle and restrain animals for observation and/or minor procedures
  • Collect physiological data (pulse, respiration, heart rate, body temperature, etc).
  • Collect, preserve, and prepare blood, urine, fecal samples and skin scrapings.
  •  Assist with animal receipts and shipping
  • Maintain inventory of technical supplies, such as medications, and procedure room supplies
  • Reports all animal and personnel issues and concerns to the appropriate chain of command
  • Euthanize and dispose of animals per SOP/policy.
  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Knowledge of PCs, Microsoft Office software and database systems.
  • Perform miscellaneous duties as assigned

BS/BA and five years of experience performing duties as a Laboratory Animal Technician is preferred. American Association of Laboratory Animal Science certification at the Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) level required. Must attain and maintain access to work place as set forth by WRAIR personnel, access and security requirements. Maintain all contract requirements to include quality of work, occupational health (e.g., vaccinations) and training.

Our commitment

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